Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A visit to the Stardome

The Stardome at Cornwall Park was recommended to us by one of the children who had visited with his family and thought we would all enjoy a visit. So off we went in Martin's bus and as we had to wait a bit before we could go in we got to enjoy the park and especially the Flying fox.
Then reluctantly it was time to go in - we were all having so much fun, but once we were inside it was great.
We watched the movie in the special seats and then had a great fun as some children acted out the movement of the sun and the planets around the sun, racing around the theatre.
After a quick tour of the foyer with lots of interesting displays we went outside to watch rocket launching!!
There was just time for another turn on that fantastic flying fox before we had to hop back on the bus and back to kindergarten.

This excursion linked so beautifully to our ongoing interest in planets. Thanks to the very useful suggestion from one of our children we could extend and add to the learning that has been happening at kindergarten.

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