Thursday, September 25, 2014

A visit to the Skytower

Research has shown that having a wide range of experiences is hugely important in the development of oral language and therefore literacy.
A trip to the Skytower combines several modes of transport a range of experiences. We take Martin's bus to the train station from kindergarten.
Then it is off to the city by one of the new electric trains into Britomart. There is so much to see on the way.
There is much excitement when we can see the Skytower from the train.

Once we get to Britomart we need to take a break for morning tea - its hungry work all this travelling!
We check out the station too.
Then we walk all the way up Queen St to Victoria St and once again we can see the Skytower - our destination for the morning.
When we get to the base of the building there is much to explore. Looking at the size and shape and looking up and looking down. It is a very tactile experience too touching the columns.

We get a little side tracked by the big fountain waterfall in the foyer of the Skytower building. Who could resist dipping their fingers in such a fabulous looking pool? Not us thats for sure. We stay and play a while.
Then it is up in the lift - an interesting ride with children watching first through the floor then out the windows as we get higher and higher.
And finally we are there.

Free to move around, explore the glass floors and search out the window for landmarks that we recognise. There way over in the distance is our mountain, Mangere. 
Then it is back down the lift and into Martin's bus - he is waiting at the bus stop to take us home. An exciting and interesting day exploring the world around us.

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