Monday, June 9, 2014

Kindergarten at the Farm: Bravery in the cave, a dead rabbit and stinging nettles

With a really bad weather forecast we gathered at the farm wondering what kind of day it would be but surprise, surprise it was a bit grey but otherwise quite OK. We had mattime in the barn and some children took turns in leading us in our welcome to Mangere Bridge Kindergarten waiata - they have learned it so well. 

Then we had something to eat and went off to explore the new butterfly garden. On the way we fed the goats and calves and checked out some plants in the gardens.

 and then got a bit waylaid by the fabulous caves in the paddock. Sophie was very brave and went straight in to see what was there, came out and told us “there’s spiders in there” and then turned and went back in again.

 Other children decided to explore too and before we knew it lots of children were in there and popping out the other entrance. It was a squash but everyone managed to get in and out again.

While we were there some children found a dead rabbit which created lots of interest and conversation.

There was just time to learn about the stinging nettles in the new insect garden - "they are dangerous" Jasper told us. Before it was time to gather up our bags and leave the farm.

We walked up through the paddocks up to kindergarten, still warm and dry. At the last gate we made a discovery, unusual prints and we realised they were horseshoe prints. 

A horse had been in the paddock!!! and then walked down the hill. Jade said “I can see the stables” and sure enough we could see Ambury Park Centre for Riding Therapy and that was where the horse had come from. And then just as we arrived at kindergarten the rain came down! how lucky were we!!!

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