Monday, May 26, 2014

Pasoo comes to kindergarten

Ruby signed in one morning as another name and caused much discussion amongst the children. Who could this mystical person be and where were they at kindergarten.
Next day there was a ladder and a hammock bed in the tree and we realised a tiny magical mysterious person had moved in.

Ruby told us the mysterious visitor was called Pasoo and the children have been totally entranced and curious about this visitor who loves glitter and rainbow colours.
We have tried very hard not to create a vision of what this is - we are leaving it to each child's imagination to form a picture of the visitor.
Next a washing line arrived and a pool and tyre swing. Pasoo was certainly making itself comfortable. (no gender suggestions either).

And then a BIG surprise, a letter from Pasoo

One of the children made a painting for Pasoo and then designed a fabulous easel to display it and suddenly everyone wanted to make a painting and an easel too.
We had a colourful array of paintings displayed.

And then!!!!
Another letter from Pasoo.
Now Nathan has written to Pasoo - he has asked "What do you look like" but there has been NO answer.
We are waiting to see what will happen next!!!

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