Monday, February 10, 2014

First Day Back at Ambury Farm

It was clear and hot for our first day back at Ambury Farm. We did a round of the animals to check out any new arrivals.

We had a look in the hutches of the chickens for eggs but no luck. Then we went to see MR Big and Baby G. Mr Big was very disappointed we didn't have food!! but it really looks like he doesn't need any more.
Lastly there was time for morning tea before we began our walk back to kindergarten. On the way we saw Caitlyn driving the tractor with the manure spreader - it helps the grass grow. She's a great tractor driver.
We had enough time for a juicie - in the shade, not on our usual stopping place at the rockpile and a play in the paddock then across the ladder and back to kindergarten for lunch. We were all pretty tired after our big day at the farm.

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