Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodbye godwits

We have one of the areas in New Zealand where the godwits  spend the summer on our farm, Ambury. Today we went to say goodbye to them, they will leave soon for their amazing journey back across the world to their nesting grounds in Siberia and Alaska.

What an unbelievably rich leaning opportunity this is for our children. The farm is such an affording environment for a huge array of experiences.

To quote Brian Turner in Abbott and Reeve (2011). The possibility of wilderness in Aotearoa New Zealand

"Here and there in the outdoors, nowadays, are signs that ask us to leave behind nothing but footprints. There's the hope that we we'll return to our homes with imprints on our hearts and minds strong enough to alter our perspective, discover and refine things about ourselves that may make us more humble, less destructive, more attuned and at ease here. And, possibly, more respectful, more at peace here too. One lives in hope".

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