Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to Term one 2013

We are back at kindergarten after a hectic few weeks leading up till xmas - and some rest and recreation over the xmas holidays to restore ourselves for this new term. Before the holidays we packed the kindergarten into a container so that we could have a new floor installed and now we are busy unpacking boxes and putting our environment back into place.

Our treasure boxes:

Everyone has great holiday stories to tell and we asked the children and families to get a box about shoebox size and put in momentos of the holidays. We have had a wonderful array of things come out of the boxes and they are great prompts for the children to revisit their holidays and recall these experiences.

We had a visitor from Germany today and Sam and Felix explained their portfolios and showed her their current interests. In Sam's case it was another trolley, begun today using screws this time instead of nails.

It is lovely to be back - we are enjoying the conversations immensely.

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