Monday, September 10, 2012

Purposeful work, investigation and time for play

We decided to day would be a good day to walk over and check out our garden. It was nice and sunny but a bit windy so we took the tarps and off we went.
While we were there we had a good look around and surprise surprise we found an egg. Finding different kinds of eggs all over the farm has roused our curiosity and now we look carefully in likely spots to see what we can find. Today we think it was a pukeko egg but we will need to check it out when we get back to kindergarten.

We were so busy in the garden that we forgot to keep an eye on the weather and suddenly a huge squall came through and we all had to shelter under the tarp - there is no other shelter out here on the farm.
It was fairly exciting trying to hold against the rain and the wind and keep everyone dry and then it was all over and we could come out again and back into the garden we went.

We realised it was time to go and do our lamb feeding job again today so off we went to get the bottles and meet at the lamb paddock.

Walking back to kindergarten we found a good mud puddle and had a quick paddle. Another busy and eventful day with time for work and play.

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