Monday, September 17, 2012

Exploring the bush and feeding the cows

The start of the day at the farm always includes time to play and lately there has been lots of puddles. What better way to meet up and have a chat than standing in a puddle?

We had planned to explore the bush so we took the magnifying glasses and wandered off into the bush to see what we could find. Hmmmm! a most unusual plant - we wondered what it was.

More research to be done when we get back to kindergarten.

While some were playing over by the fence the cows were curious to see the children and came to have a look. Some times when we walk back to kindergarten these big cows come right up to us and once they even stood and licked the children. They are calm but very curious!! Some of them have been hand reared calves and so they are used to people. It is an amazing experience for our children to be this close to such big animals.

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