Monday, August 20, 2012

Kindergarten at the farm - Bird Hide

It was wet wet wet today when we assembled at the farm but had reduced to drizzle by the time we walked along the back track to the Bird Hide. The weather is fairly important each day when we are at the farm as we go there rain or shine. The children become much more aware of the weather; of rain, wind and cold and this is an important part of our learning in this environment.

We admired this amazing big puddle as we went past - and watched the ducks happily swimming.
Then down the track to the Bird Hide we went.
The Bird Hide overlooks the Dotterel nesting area so we got out the binoculars to see what we could see!

There was just time for a splash in the mud - always a BIG treat puddles of either water or mud.
Then it was time to walk back through the paddocks to kindergarten. Another interesting, exciting, fun day at the farm.

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