Monday, June 11, 2012

In the cave again

The first thing on the agenda this morning at the farm was to check out the digger and chipper clearing trees over behind the shearing shed where we sign in and have mattime.

Then it was off to the bull paddock - the bull is away doing bull things elsewhere so we could go on in.

We were so lucky - the weather was great so we could head down the lava cave again. It is quite a while since we were there - most of our current children had not been down the cave but all but one faced the challenge and climbed down.

Some children waited at the top for their turn, happily chatting and exploring.

Down in the cave there was also lots of exploring to do - wearing a hard hat and using a torch. It was fantastic - as you can see from the delight on the faces of the children with the torches.
Another fun day at the farm.

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