Monday, April 2, 2012

A special farm day - a visit to Ambury Park centre for riding therapy

Our friend Janine from Ambury Farm had organised a special day for us - a visit to the Riding Therapy centre at the other end of Ambury farm. We had mat-time as usual, looked and smelt and felt the day and then we had a long long walk to the centre.

When we walked past the big trees Zinnie called "look Carol the trees are dying" and when Carol asked why he said" cos its getting cold now and nearly winter".
Being out in the natural environment is a great way for children to gain understandings of the natural world and in this case of the seasons passing.

The trees are in our favourite farm paddock "the Lost Gardens". we like it there and often spend time there exploring.

When we got to the centre we had morning tea together under the trees.

Then we went off to the stables and we were lucky enough to see the farrier working putting new shoes on the horse.

We walked along and patted the horses - they were very patient and coped well with so many small children. The children were very calm and quiet and got to pat the noses of the horses.

Then we had another morning tea and went to meet the pony club horses who came over to see us. By then it was time for us to go back to kindergarten, another big walk. The children are very good at walking now and wander along checking out things in their path and having a chat. It is fun and very sociable.
A very very big thankyou to the Therapy Centre for hosting our visit.

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