Monday, March 19, 2012

A Rainy day at the farm

Today was a most unpleasant start to the day. Lots of rain and even more wind. First we spent time in the shearing shed till everyone arrived - some children drew, some read books and others did puzzles.

We had our start of the day discussion and then we decided to do some baking in the farm kitchen so we set up the tables and made scones - a traditional farm baking item.
First you need to write your name ( so we know who the scone belongs to)

Then the ingredients are measured and added

then they are mixed together,

Flavours chosen and a scone shape rolled out to go on the tray.

The helpers put them in the oven to cook and into a bag to go back to kindergarten. Fortunately one of the helpers offered to take them back in her car because they would have got very wet on our walk back - it was driving rain straight in our faces as we walked back over the paddocks to kindergarten. 

We were all fairly wet by the time we got back even though we all had coats on ( some we borrowed from the farm) and so we all had to go home and get changed. Some children even had a lovely hot bath and a milo when they went home, they told us all about it the next day with much delight.

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