Friday, February 17, 2012

Our first visit for the year to our mountain and to Mangere Bridge School

Every term all the children in the morning session go for a visit to Mangere Bridge School. We have found that even if some of the children are not going to attend this school they still get a lot of useful information and experiences about being a school pupil from these visits. Additionally it enables the teachers to begin to build a relationship with those that will transition to Mangere Bridge School.

The children who are close to turning 5 and going to school catch up with their friends who have already transitioned and in some cases even managed to catch up with their school buddies ( a programme we have had running for over two years now with this school).

Today, before we went to school, we went up one of our favourite Mangere Bridge places, our mountain, Mangere. this mountain is one of the best preserved volcanic sites of the 50 Auckland volcanoes and a fabulous place to visit. It is extremely interesting geologically and also contains sites significant to local iwi. We had a look at one of the landmarks and talked about the kumara - we are hoping to grow kumara at kindergarten, it is one of our Enviroschools goals.

Our children love exploring and it is physically challenging to do so. We value presenting children with risk and promoting challenging physical activity.

After going down to school and walking back up again for morning tea we spent time in the playground where we could see right across to the Skytower, what a fantastic view, all along the harbour and across to the city.
Then it was a quick bus ride back to kindergarten after a fabulous day of exploring both school and the mountain.

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