Monday, February 13, 2012

Our first day at the farm has finally arrived

We have not been able to return to our Mondays on the Farm until today because we have had two public holidays on the Mondays since we have been back to kindergarten.
BUT today was the day.

Now that we are back at the farm the first thing we needed to do was check out the bunnies. We have missed being here over the holidays - it's been a long break. Next we needed to go over some of the safety rules at the farm, especially with children for whom this was their first time with us in the morning session. The electric fence notices are very important and we checked them out.

Our mat or circle meeting time was next. Its a chance to talk about what we are going to do and also feel, listen look around to acknowledge how lucky we are to be here and to get in tune with our surroundings.

Then it was off to do some work - feed the animals, chickens, sheep and goats.

There is always time to have a chat and some fun.

And before we knew it was the end of the morning and time for our walk through the paddocks back to kindergarten.

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