Monday, November 7, 2011

Looking after our trees at the Farm

We are an Enviroschools kindergarten and when Janine suggested we help plant a stand of trees and then come back to mulch them we were delighted to be able to do so.
We began our usual Monday at the farm by watching Gary the farmer work in the yards - always something we enjoy. Then we wandered around to check out the piglets - there were 12 of them in with their mum and we love seeing how they are getting on each week.

We did get a little sidetracked at a favourite place where children love to practice jumping into the air and "flying"
Finally after some food and a drink of water it was time to cross the paddocks to 'our tree planting spot' and see what work needed doing.

Gary had left two bales of straw for us to use and we got to work and mulched the trees to protect for the summer. Hard work but fun and then it was time to walk back over the paddocks back to kindergarten.

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