Friday, November 18, 2011

A kindergarten swap with Botany Downs Kindergarten

We swapped kindergartens for the morning with Botany Downs Kindergarten. We had to take the bus all the way to Botany but it was such fun being in another kindergarten. The children chose these as the highlight of the trip. We done have a twing - we ordered one as soon as we got home!!

We also ordered those fantastic hooped dresses as everyone had a fun time with them. We would like to work out how we could have a track for those bikes too which are just like BMX bikes.
This was an extremely interesting and informative experience for teachers, children and parents - kindergartens have different resources, foci and experiences.
We left a letter of thanks form the children

and climbed on our bus back to our kindergarten.
Thanks to BDK for suggesting this - we would all love to do it again sometime.

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