Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carol and William on holiday

The blog has not been updated because Carol and William have been on holiday. They went to London - here they are at the Science museum. You have to take an escalator right through a big metal planet, William thought it rather scary and he was glad he was with Carol.
They went to visit the St Vincentius Kindergarten again in Wegberg Beeck - this time to see the new natural climbing equipment in their new garden. It was fabulous, William had a climb on the posts, a swing and a walk along the rope bridge.

After exploring Amsterdam, Wegberg and Brugge it was back to London, he even found some grass in Chancery Lane, a quick visit to Oxford ( William is very interested in education ) and then back on the plane and home.
Now Carol and William are back they will get on with the blog.

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