Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making Matariki stars

Since we hung the Matariki sign up by the mat Tiana has been working on making enough stars to decorate the area.
She uses the hot melt glue guns and ice block sticks and then colours them in each with different coloured dye. If the dye wasn’t out ready each day Tiana happily asked for it - she shows great confidence in asking for the resources she needs. Once the star is dry Tiana uses the glue again to add a strip of fabric. Then in she comes to find us to show us and we pin them up on the blue fabric.
We had 6 stars but then Tiana wanted to take the last star home so a couple of days later she was ready to make some more again.
Today Tah dah - we have 7 stars.
Tiana took the camera and proudly took the photos of the finished result. She is documenting her own work and is very clear about how she wants her photo to look. She brought the camera in to show me (Carol) the photos she had taken and said “look Laleeta showed me how to look at my photos”. Now there is no stopping Tiana she is taking photos and going back and looking them over to decide which she likes.

Tiana has developed in confidence every day through this small project. She demonstrates strong leadership skills, an interest in colour and creating using the resources and a confidence in her own ability.

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