Monday, May 2, 2011

"What's gonna work? - Team work"

It’s the first day back at kindergarten and we decided to have a bit of a clean up, especially in the storm water drain as there is a 'Heavy rain' warning out for today. We got out the buckets and spades Jemma and I (Carol) and as soon as we started work we had a whole heap of volunteers to help.
They all went right to it, digging the mud out of the drain, putting it in the buckets and then transporting the bucket in the new gardening trolley to the compost.
As they worked they sang together:
What’s gonna work TEAM WORK,
What’s gonna work TEAM WORK,
What’s gonna work TEAM WORK,
When we asked how they know this song it seems it comes from the Wonderpets programme on TV. We thought it was a great song and have to agree that it is indeed what is gonna work - we got the whole job done in the session in the morning and now when the rain comes, thanks to all working so hard , it will drain away very quickly. An added bonus is that we will have great compost too for our vege garden which we will have to build up again and plant  this term.

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