Monday, February 21, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm Animal Day

The weather was uncertain for our third Kindergarten at the farm day so we decided to have an animal day. Unexpectedly we watched Gary the farm manager load the sheep onto a truck and also shear some sheep. 

We were just so lucky to be there when this was happening. It was great to watch these every day events at the farm. 
What are we learning being at the farm every week? Farm etiquette like NO chasing the animals, No climbing on gates or fences, Shut the gate when you go through, stay away from the water troughs - its where the animals get their drink, and to be quiet and calm around the farm animals so we dont scare them. This is their home.

Then there was just time for some food nd drink and then it was time to walk home across the paddocks. Just like Mr Gumpy.
Another fabulous day.

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