Friday, December 3, 2010

Another great transition visit to school (and our mountain too).

We had another great visit to school, spending time in the classrooms. We joined the children in the classrooms writing, cutting and drawing, and listening to stories. We had a visit from England with us too. Ann is interested in the transition research we are currently writing up for publication so it was  fantastic that she actually got to experience the school visit.

Once we had finished in the classrooms we went up to our mountain, Mangere. The children have a great time whatever we plan there and this time it was soccer on the fields. Trey wanted to play soccer, he is a great fan of the game but he also wanted to finish the work he had started at school. Great to see such perseverance - a learning disposition, we really value.

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  1. Hi Mangere Bridge Kindy Children and Teachers,

    We loved your visit to school. We can't wait to see you in 2011.

    I loved seeing the pictures of you up the son Josh loves soccer too.

    Liz Crisp, Room 9 Teacher


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