Monday, June 21, 2010

A child in the wild - A trip to our mountain

Over the weekend there was an article about Richard Louv in the Sunday Star Times. He wrote the book "Last child in the woods". This book discusses 'nature deficit disorder' and its effect on children. If children are not ever in the wild places of their community he feels that they will not have an infinity with the outdoors - and consequently not work to protect our natural heritage.At Mangere Bridge Kindergarten we try to visit our wild places - the mountain and the farm as often as we can get enough parents to accompany us.
On Friday after a trip to Mangere Bridge School where we danced with Footnote Dance Company who were in the school for most of the week - we went to our mountain and climbed and sat on top of our world contemplating just what fun it is to be up high and to have got there by a hard and steep climb. We want to promote being outdoors as a fun and challenging experience - one that we can have regardless of the weather. We wholeheartedly agree with the quotation "there is no bad weather - only bad clothing". The day was a bit blustery and grey but it was still a fabulous event. the joy on the children's faces when they reached the top and could climb up on the trig and say "we did it" is an indication of how much feel this is 'our place'. It is a special place in their lives.

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  1. gigi and lucy priestleyNovember 21, 2010 at 8:23 PM

    Great photos on your website from kindy! So many wonderful experiences to be had.
    Lucy and I quite often check out your blogspot.
    Thank you.
    Gigi and Lucy


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