Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A trip into the community

We have been taking the bus to our local village with a small group of children to visit some friendly shopkeepers, the bank and the library. While we were there we popped in to the child care centre to see a teacher who had been with us last year.
Then it was into the chip shop for some hot chips which we ate in the park ( we checked out the new playground and took some photos of it ) and then we walked ALL THE WAY BACK to kindergarten. It was a long slow walk but there was lots to see.
This kind of small local excursion is such fun as the children pick out places that they know and learn about other places in the community that are new to them. We still have some children to go as the weather was not suitable for walking long distances over the last few days. So as soon as it is clear again we will be off again.

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