Monday, February 22, 2010

A New year

Hi all
It has been extremely busy for us at the beginning of this new year and we are only just beginning to feel like we have surfaced. We were ERO-ed on February 15th and the lead up to that is fairly full on especially at the beginning of the year with 20 new children. Setting up all the necessary systems for new children; portfolios, name tags and beginning stories has kept us fully occupied.
Each summer holiday we each have a treasure box to collect souvenirs and keepsakes to remind us of the people and places that were important to us over the break. When we come back to kindergarten we share these in a group and document each box for that child's portfolio. We have had some wonderful stories and this contributes to oral literacy learning.
A child who had a big holiday to London made a double decker bus just like the one on his holiday in the first days back at kindergarten. Repeating experiences and being able to talk about and show others what happened reinforces that learning experience.
Here are some examples of the rich experiences that were shared.

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