Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A new outdoor space

What a treat!!!
Dave arrived to build us a new outdoor guinea pig enclosure. We had gone to get timber and netting last week and now the building was to begin.
He laid it out on the flat concrete out the front and away he went cutting, hammering and putting it all together.
He had some help from some experts with a hammer and in two days we had the most fantastic walk in enclosure. this will be the day space for our guinea pigs and when they were put in there they went crazy. They ran around in circles and leapt in the air. Ecstatic is the best description.
We watched with delight as they settled in and enjoyed the new big space.
Now each day they can go out and enjoy being outdoors. This has created an environment to really foster the wellbeing of our much loved guinea pigs: Biscuit and her 3 babies that we have kept Snowy, Bars and Muffin.
thank you SO much Dave. We are truly very grateful for your effort.

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  1. Wow what a wonderful playground you have all created for Snowy, Bars and Muffin, and the new babies! How nice it is to see how you are helping care for those other creatures that life in our community. I am interested to know if guinea pigs like to life together in groups? Here at Yendarra Kindergarten our rabbit Floppy, lives in her whare alone. How do guinea pigs get on with rabbits, could they be a good companion for our Floppy do you think? (From Kea one of the teachers


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