Friday, October 23, 2009

Our new bridge

We have had lots of children talking about the building going on for the new Mangere Bridge motorway so thought it would be good to go and look at it. We talked to Queenie at the construction site and we arranged to meet her at the Onehunga side to look at the bridge and she would tell us about the construction.
we went to Mt Roskill first to check out that end of the motorway ( the completed part) and then we came back and walked along the walkway from Waikaraka and sat where we could look at the bridge.
Queenie did a great job - thanks Queenie - and showed us her Bob the builder gear, hard hat etc and then we got on the bus again and went up our mountain to have morning tea.
It was a fun way of ending the trip- rolling on slopes of the soccer fields.

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