Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They've arrived!!! 4 new babies

Well what a surprise, our Biscuit has had 4 beautiful new babies.

She was looking fatter but when Carol came on Sunday at 5p.m.  there was no sign that she was about to give birth. When we arrived in the morning on Monday there they were!!  

They are just perfect - covered in fur, one white, two biscuit coloured and one white and stone coloured. They are perfectly formed, running about and very capable, just like our children.

Stoney coloured baby...

We spent the day yesterday popping back to the cage just to watch, they are very very cute and the children are waiting to be able to have a cuddle. No names yet...

The twins...

The white one...

Check back here for more... as they grow! 


  1. How awesome! Four baby guinea pigs! We are so envious. We check Cookie several times a day .... but so far ... no babies. We shall keep watching.
    Congratulations from everyone at Botany Downs Kindergarten

  2. Congratulations!!! Sorry I missed the big event.
    Give them a special cuddle from me.


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