Friday, July 31, 2009

Farewell Cameron

Hi Again...

Our trip to Ambury Farm to remember and farewell Cameron the Clydesdale took place at the end of July. We took Martin and Dawn's bus down the road and went straight to watch the cow being milked . When the cow was done we went out and made butter!!! It was fun shaking the jar and hard work.

Then we had morning tea and set off round the farm to look at the lambs and check out Cameron's grave.

We had flowers and a bowl of carrots and apples - Cameron's favourite food and we sat and talked about Cameron and crunched the carrots and apples." I liked Cameron cos he was kind" and "cos he liked carrots".

Then we walked back to the front to the covered area past the sheep and the chickens ( we feed both), had another morning tea to sustain us and caught the bus back up the long hill to Kindergarten. We usually walk and it felt very strange catching the bus but we were worried about wet days and a short day too. thanks to Janine for arranging our visit.

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