Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dancing with Footnote Dance Co.

It was very exciting to be invited to Mangere Bridge School to dance with Footnote Dance Co. We took Martin's bus up to school and went straight to the Auditorium to join the dancers. We joined the groups with a dancer from the Footnote dance Company and danced to a transport theme. Each group planned a dance scenario about modes of transport and showed their dance to the rest of the groups. After dancing we were all hungry so sat on the steps of the Auditorium and had morning tea before returning to kindergarten for a quick play before it was time to go home. Our children are great hiphoppers (all day, every day we listen to the same favourite Flo Rida Low song till we are very good at the NO NO NO NO refrain - even in St Lukes we hear it). This was another opportunity to experience a different form of dance. We aim to provide children with opportunities to hear and try a wide variety to add to their repertoire of music and dance forms from home and community experiences. This excursion fits very well with the communication goal of Te Whaariki, the early childhood curriculum " an ability to be creative and expressive .. to sing songs.. and .. to keep a steady beat ...and that dance can amuse, delight, comfort, illuminate, inform and excite". Hiphop has drawn reluctant dancers in and certainly amuses and delights them as they go through the movements and us as well.

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